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COOP battle mayhem
« on: March 09, 2020, 05:10:45 am »
I just had one of the most screwed up coop battles I've ever witnessed and fell victim too.

Two Brothers map. Player team started on the top. Only three of us were players, all others were bots. I was in my Myoko. One player in another cruiser and one in a BB. I'm in the top right with the other cruiser player and two bot BB's.

Battle starts and immediately my entire force heads for the slot instead of covering the right side. The other cruiser player started it by heading there and causing the two bot BB's to turn that way also. Which caused them to promptly get hung up with each other and take most of the battle to get straightened out again. After doing so they still head for the slot.

One friendly DD came over to my side from the center and was promptly sunk the moment it made contact with the two cruisers coming up the right side. I headed straight for the center island on the right side for cover, figuring I was facing alone, the mirror to my team, which would be two cruisers and two BB's.

It was two cruisers only. I got one with torps as it came around the island and the other one was sunk by the two BB's behind me that were un-stuck and now heading for the slot.

I then figured I could try to get from the island cover to our start base since everyone was piling into the slot. Including the player BB. I then found that an enemy BB and cruiser had gotten tangled up south of me and as soon as I cleared the island, I was sunk by one salvo from each since I was caught broadside to them, about 7K in range.

All of our BB's ended up in the slot. Somehow, the player BB managed to survive, and make it through the slot and then came around to the right side to take on the last enemy BB. Meanwhile, the other three friendly BB's puttered around trying to get backed up out of the slot since the remaining fight was spilling back into our start base.

At this point, somehow, one friendly bot BB managed to fire a gun broadside into another friendly bot BB in the slot. Both had no shots at the enemy at all. Yet they were fring into the mountainside in that general direction.

I have never seen almost two entire fleets try and go through the slot on that map before. I really didn't appreciate getting abandoned either. Usually I just deal with it. Not this time though. That player got an unsporting conduct and does not play well report.

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