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Puerto Rico Phase 2 quests
« on: August 14, 2022, 07:40:23 pm »
3 tokens can be earned in this phase

285k damage with main guns - easy to do
39 spotted ribbons - Easier with a CV but if you don't have one charge in with a destroyer you'll earn 2-3 spotted ribbons, 4-5 if your lucky. Per battle
4.7 million credits - Can be earned in in scenarios otherwise play a premium ship and use those credit flags.
25k base XP - Can be earned in scenarios.
Destroyers - 95k in damage by fires or flooding.  Easier to be done with fires.  German, French, some Japanese destroyers have high fire %.  Remember ships have to be alive to soak up fire damage.
Cruisers - 17 million in potential damage.  Medium and Heavy Cruisers are best.  Charge in and let the enemy fire at you.
Battleships - 1.15 million damage with main or secondary battery.  Choose a battleship that is spec'd for secondaries, Germans are the best.
Carriers - 600k to with torpedoes or flooding. Don't even bother, Co-Op games end to fast and CV torps do small damage.

So you must complete 6 out these 8 missions to go forward.
2 ship tokens can be earned by doing quests, 4.7 million credits and 25k base xp.
Most of these can be done in a week if you plan accordingly.

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Re: Puerto Rico Phase 2 quests
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2022, 10:56:19 am »
Gonna take the Huron I think but not interested in completing it, if I get close I may invest the dubs but not otherwise.