Author Topic: Puerto Rico Phase 4 quests  (Read 14 times)

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Puerto Rico Phase 4 quests
« on: August 29, 2022, 11:58:21 am »
Earn 9000 Free XP - Medium difficulty as Free XP values have gone down since Economic rework.  Best bet is to put on your highest flags and play Operations.

Get 14 "Destroyed" Ribbons - 2 kills a day? No problem.

Earn 170,000 Commander XP - Easier than Free XP, can be earned in Operations.  Put on those high flags.

Earn 33,000 Base XP - You'll probably finish this quest after you've already finished Phase 4.  Can be earned in Operations.

Destroyers - Get 1,400 Ribbons - Pick a destroyer with the fastest gun reload and let loose.  US, Pan-Asian, European DD's are good.

Cruisers - Get 1,900 Ribbons - Pick a cruiser with the fastest gun reload and let loose.  US light, UK light are a good start as are high tier Pan-Asian cruisers.   Premium US, German, and Russian cruisers are also good.

Battleships - Get 1,200 Ribbons - Secondary builds are key for this quest.  German BB's start with longer ranges for their secondaries.  Be sure you have a captain who is spec'd for secondaries.

Carriers - Get 1,300 Ribbons - British bombers are great for this as is Russian rocket planes.  If you don't have those nations attack cruisers and battleships with rocket planes.  It'll give you the most ribbons.

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