Author Topic: Puerto Rico Phase 5 quests  (Read 42 times)

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Puerto Rico Phase 5 quests
« on: September 06, 2022, 04:38:15 pm »
In 9 battles, join top 5 in your team by experience received - In stage 3 we did 7 battles, what's 2 more? Can be done in Scenarios

Earn 120,000 XP - Can be earned in Scenarios, which I highly suggest earning most of this in.

Cause 1,900,000 in damage to ships - Not hard to do in one week.  Use destroyers to increase your average damage per battle.

Get 27 'Spotted' ribbons - easy to do in Carriers I did it in 5 battles.  Otherwise use your destroyer and hit that speed boost.

Destroyers - Get 36 'Captured' and/or 'Assisted in captured' and/or 'Defended' Ribbons - Easier to go for Defended Ribbons because you can earn more than 3 in a battle

Cruisers - Get 78 'Caused floodings' and/or 'Set on fire' ribbons - Set on fire will be easier/faster to get than floodings.  Equip a captain with Demolition Expert and add Victor Lima and India X-Ray flags

Battleships - Get 58 'Set of fire' and/or 'Hits to citadel' ribbons - UK battleships have best % to set fires.  Fire from secondaries also count so having a secondary build will help.

Carriers - get 52 'Caused flooding' and/or 'Destroyed' ribbons - Skip this one, I am

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