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Puerto Rico Phase 6 quests
« on: September 14, 2022, 02:43:03 am »
Earn 11,500 Free XP - Can be earned in Scenarios - quite easy if you have the high Free XP flags

Earn 7,100,000 Credits - Can be earned in Scenarios - quite a lot but totally possible in one week.  Highly recommend Scenarios for this

Earn 38,000 Base XP - Can be earned in Scenarios - Don't expect to finish this in one week, just as before you'll probably finish it next week

Cause 875,000 damage to ships with main battery or secondaries - Best to do this with a Battleship, a German one.  Count on main battery damage more than secondary

Destroyers - Get 82 "Torpedo hits" or "Caused Flooding" ribbons - Even at lower levels there are plenty of destroyers that carry at least 8 torpedoes.  Pick a battleship as your target, sprint towards it and let loose.

Cruisers - Get 21 "Torpedo hits" or "Hits to Citadel" ribbons - Highly suggest German, British, and Pan-Asian cruisers for this.

Battleships - Get 1,450 "Main battery hits" or "Secondary hits" - German battleships for this one.  Just charge in and let your secondaries do the rest.

Carriers - Get 100 "Set on fire" or "Defended" ribbons - I would avoid this one, especially in Co-Op

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