Author Topic: Puerto Rico Phase 9 quests  (Read 9 times)

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Puerto Rico Phase 9 quests
« on: October 03, 2022, 02:30:22 am »
Cause 500,000 damage to targets with Main Battery - Main Battery only, no secondaries, fire, or torpedo damage.  Probably best with cruisers with a high fire rate, British, Asian, US Light

Get 20 "Destroyed" ribbons - 20 in one week? No problem

Earn 8,300,000 credits - Can be earned in Scenarios.  I would do a few scenarios for this one.

Earn 74,500 base XP- Can be earned in Scenarios.  Like previous base experience missions, you'll probably get this one done by next week.

Destroyers - Cause 1,120,000 damage to ships with torpedoes or main battery.  Does not include fire or flooding.  Even without fire or flooding this isn't that hard.  Be sure to torpedo targets with full health.

Cruisers - Cause 310,000 damage to ships by setting fires.  Play smart, light more than one ship on fire.  If it's on fire let it burn, don't keep firing at it, you need fire damage not battery damage.

Battleships - Receive 43,000,000 HP of potential damage. - Hmm That's a lot.  In Phase 2 we did 17 million with cruisers.  If you choose to do this, pick a fast battleship (French) and charge in and get shot at.

Carriers - Help your team cause 1,080,000 HP of damage upon your spotting - Not impossible.  Basically, just fly around and highlight targets for people to shoot at.  Hopefully they shoot at it.


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