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General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 9 quests
« on: October 03, 2022, 02:30:22 am »
Cause 500,000 damage to targets with Main Battery - Main Battery only, no secondaries, fire, or torpedo damage.  Probably best with cruisers with a high fire rate, British, Asian, US Light

Get 20 "Destroyed" ribbons - 20 in one week? No problem

Earn 8,300,000 credits - Can be earned in Scenarios.  I would do a few scenarios for this one.

Earn 74,500 base XP- Can be earned in Scenarios.  Like previous base experience missions, you'll probably get this one done by next week.

Destroyers - Cause 1,120,000 damage to ships with torpedoes or main battery.  Does not include fire or flooding.  Even without fire or flooding this isn't that hard.  Be sure to torpedo targets with full health.

Cruisers - Cause 310,000 damage to ships by setting fires.  Play smart, light more than one ship on fire.  If it's on fire let it burn, don't keep firing at it, you need fire damage not battery damage.

Battleships - Receive 43,000,000 HP of potential damage. - Hmm That's a lot.  In Phase 2 we did 17 million with cruisers.  If you choose to do this, pick a fast battleship (French) and charge in and get shot at.

Carriers - Help your team cause 1,080,000 HP of damage upon your spotting - Not impossible.  Basically, just fly around and highlight targets for people to shoot at.  Hopefully they shoot at it.


General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 8 quests
« on: September 26, 2022, 12:12:40 pm »
Cause 475,000 HP of damage to ships with Main or Secondary Batteries - Not hard at all since you have a week to do it.  One 100k damage game any your 20% there!

Get 8 'Captured' or 'Assisted in Capture' ribbons - Can be done in 1 or 2 days but I suggest to really focus on it to get it out of the way.

Earn 145,000 XP - Can be earned in Scenarios, put on those EXP flags that you've earned and start playin'

Cause 2,150,000 HP of damage to ships - Last week you did 1.1 million with just destroyers, this can be done by Thursday easily.

Destroyers - Get 74 "Caused flooding" or "Set on fire" ribbons - Focus on "Set on fire" ribbons" with larger caliber destroyers (German, French etc) any flooding ribbons will be a bonus

Cruisers - Get 200 "Aircraft shot down", "Shot down by fighter", or "Set on fire" Ribbons - 200 is a lot but like destroyers focus on setting fires, any aircraft shot down will be a bonus

Battleships - Get 48 "Hits to citadel" or "Destroyed" ribbons - This could be hard in Co-Op due to short matches.  You'll probably finish this by this weekend

Carriers - Get 170 "Aircraft destroyed", "Shot down by fighter", or "Destroyed" ribbons - You'd have to focus on intercepting enemy aircraft for this one and only that.

General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 7 quests
« on: September 19, 2022, 05:53:31 pm »
Battles are a lot more difficult this week with the 7th anniversary going on.  A lot of random players are playing in Co-Op mode to get 400 base XP.

Spot 100 Ribbons - Same as Phase 3 just 30 more, unfortunately you won't know if you spotted them until the end of the battle.  Look for ships that have torpedoes and activate your hydro or radar.

Get 1,700 Ribbons - Any ribbons will do, use German Battleships with good secondaries or Cruisers and Destroyers with fast firing guns.

Earn 220,000 Commander XP - Can be gained in Scenarios - Hopefully by this time you still have high ranking bonuses.

Earn 24,500 Base XP - I still haven't finished 38k from Phase 6.

Destroyers - Cause 1,100,000 damage to ships - You could finish this in 7 days by getting 157,143k of damage per day.  That's 5 games earning over 31,500k damage

Cruisers - Cause 1,450,000 damage to ships - You could finish this in 7 days by getting 207,143k of damage per day.  That's 5 games earning over 41,430k damage

Battleships - Cause 1,950,000 damage to ships - You can finish this in 7 days by getting 278,572k of damage per day. That's 5 games earning over 55,715k damage

Carriers - Cause 1,850,000 damage to ships - You can finish this in 7 days by getting 264,286k of damage per day.  That's 5 games earning over 52,857k damage

General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 6 quests
« on: September 14, 2022, 02:43:03 am »
Earn 11,500 Free XP - Can be earned in Scenarios - quite easy if you have the high Free XP flags

Earn 7,100,000 Credits - Can be earned in Scenarios - quite a lot but totally possible in one week.  Highly recommend Scenarios for this

Earn 38,000 Base XP - Can be earned in Scenarios - Don't expect to finish this in one week, just as before you'll probably finish it next week

Cause 875,000 damage to ships with main battery or secondaries - Best to do this with a Battleship, a German one.  Count on main battery damage more than secondary

Destroyers - Get 82 "Torpedo hits" or "Caused Flooding" ribbons - Even at lower levels there are plenty of destroyers that carry at least 8 torpedoes.  Pick a battleship as your target, sprint towards it and let loose.

Cruisers - Get 21 "Torpedo hits" or "Hits to Citadel" ribbons - Highly suggest German, British, and Pan-Asian cruisers for this.

Battleships - Get 1,450 "Main battery hits" or "Secondary hits" - German battleships for this one.  Just charge in and let your secondaries do the rest.

Carriers - Get 100 "Set on fire" or "Defended" ribbons - I would avoid this one, especially in Co-Op

General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 5 quests
« on: September 06, 2022, 04:38:15 pm »
In 9 battles, join top 5 in your team by experience received - In stage 3 we did 7 battles, what's 2 more? Can be done in Scenarios

Earn 120,000 XP - Can be earned in Scenarios, which I highly suggest earning most of this in.

Cause 1,900,000 in damage to ships - Not hard to do in one week.  Use destroyers to increase your average damage per battle.

Get 27 'Spotted' ribbons - easy to do in Carriers I did it in 5 battles.  Otherwise use your destroyer and hit that speed boost.

Destroyers - Get 36 'Captured' and/or 'Assisted in captured' and/or 'Defended' Ribbons - Easier to go for Defended Ribbons because you can earn more than 3 in a battle

Cruisers - Get 78 'Caused floodings' and/or 'Set on fire' ribbons - Set on fire will be easier/faster to get than floodings.  Equip a captain with Demolition Expert and add Victor Lima and India X-Ray flags

Battleships - Get 58 'Set of fire' and/or 'Hits to citadel' ribbons - UK battleships have best % to set fires.  Fire from secondaries also count so having a secondary build will help.

Carriers - get 52 'Caused flooding' and/or 'Destroyed' ribbons - Skip this one, I am

General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 4 quests
« on: August 29, 2022, 11:58:21 am »
Earn 9000 Free XP - Medium difficulty as Free XP values have gone down since Economic rework.  Best bet is to put on your highest flags and play Operations.

Get 14 "Destroyed" Ribbons - 2 kills a day? No problem.

Earn 170,000 Commander XP - Easier than Free XP, can be earned in Operations.  Put on those high flags.

Earn 33,000 Base XP - You'll probably finish this quest after you've already finished Phase 4.  Can be earned in Operations.

Destroyers - Get 1,400 Ribbons - Pick a destroyer with the fastest gun reload and let loose.  US, Pan-Asian, European DD's are good.

Cruisers - Get 1,900 Ribbons - Pick a cruiser with the fastest gun reload and let loose.  US light, UK light are a good start as are high tier Pan-Asian cruisers.   Premium US, German, and Russian cruisers are also good.

Battleships - Get 1,200 Ribbons - Secondary builds are key for this quest.  German BB's start with longer ranges for their secondaries.  Be sure you have a captain who is spec'd for secondaries.

Carriers - Get 1,300 Ribbons - British bombers are great for this as is Russian rocket planes.  If you don't have those nations attack cruisers and battleships with rocket planes.  It'll give you the most ribbons.

General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 3 quests
« on: August 22, 2022, 04:31:53 pm »
Spot 70 Torpedoes - Best to be done with a cruiser with Hydro Acoustic and torpedoes as you'll probably have an exact opposite on the bot team.

In 7 battles, join the top 5 in your team by experience received - Top 5? Not hard at all.

Earn 100,000 XP - Just be productive and put on those EXP flags

Cause 1,500,000 HP of damage to ships - Not hard at all to achieve in one week

Destroyers - Get 72 "spotted" or "destroyed" ribbons - Probably the most challenging in this round.  Get a fast DD and boost in to get those early "spotted" ribbons, then go for the kill.

Cruisers - Get 85 "spotted", "hits to citadel", or "set of fire" ribbons - Fire would be the best bet for this round, citadels second.  Check your ships with 152mm or higher for their fire %.

Battleships - Get 700 main battery hits - 100 hits a day.  It's slow but it can be done.

Carriers - Get 360 Rocket hits. - Look over your carriers and see who carries the most rockets per plane / per flight.  Aim for cruisers and/or battleships

General Discussion / Puerto Rico Phase 2 quests
« on: August 14, 2022, 07:40:23 pm »
3 tokens can be earned in this phase

285k damage with main guns - easy to do
39 spotted ribbons - Easier with a CV but if you don't have one charge in with a destroyer you'll earn 2-3 spotted ribbons, 4-5 if your lucky. Per battle
4.7 million credits - Can be earned in in scenarios otherwise play a premium ship and use those credit flags.
25k base XP - Can be earned in scenarios.
Destroyers - 95k in damage by fires or flooding.  Easier to be done with fires.  German, French, some Japanese destroyers have high fire %.  Remember ships have to be alive to soak up fire damage.
Cruisers - 17 million in potential damage.  Medium and Heavy Cruisers are best.  Charge in and let the enemy fire at you.
Battleships - 1.15 million damage with main or secondary battery.  Choose a battleship that is spec'd for secondaries, Germans are the best.
Carriers - 600k to with torpedoes or flooding. Don't even bother, Co-Op games end to fast and CV torps do small damage.

So you must complete 6 out these 8 missions to go forward.
2 ship tokens can be earned by doing quests, 4.7 million credits and 25k base xp.
Most of these can be done in a week if you plan accordingly.

General Discussion / Wichita vs Congress vs Rochester vs Anchorage
« on: December 22, 2021, 11:45:18 pm »
Anchorage is the only one to have torpedoes.

Congress has 305mm guns.  It's an Alaska

Rochester vs Wichita

Rochester has smoke.
Rochester has overall better AA.
Rochester has 4000 more health than Wichita.
Wichita has Surveillance Radar.

While they both have 203mm guns Wichita fires the same shells at the Tier VII New Orleans.
Rochester - 12 seconds
Wichita - 10 seconds

Rochester - high shell arcs
Wichita - flatter arc due to higher shell velocity

AP damage -
Rochester - 5000
Wichita - 4600

Upcoming Ships / Tier IX Pan-Asian Battleship Wujing
« on: January 26, 2021, 04:27:02 pm »
The Tier IX Wujing is basically an Alsace

3 x 3 380mm guns

Upcoming Ships / Tier VIII French Battleship Flandre
« on: January 26, 2021, 04:24:28 pm »
The Tier VIII Flandre is a variant of the Alsace.

It has 3 x 380mm guns.

The supposed difference is the placement of the AA guns.

Upcoming Ships / Tier X Commonwealth Destroyer Vampire II
« on: January 26, 2021, 04:19:56 pm »
The Tier X Vampire is a Daring Class destroyer given to Australia

Looks to have 3 x2 113mm guns

1 x 4/5 torpedo tube

35 knot speed with a 7.4km detectability

Upcoming Ships / Tier VIII USSR Battleship Borodino
« on: January 26, 2021, 04:14:12 pm »
The Tier VIII Borodino is a smaller pocket battleship.

She has 2 x 3 406mm guns in the front end.

Upcoming Ships / Tier VI IJN Battleship Ise
« on: January 26, 2021, 04:09:32 pm »
The Tier VI Ise is a variant of the Fuso class

Where the Fuso has 6 x 2 356mm guns the Ise has 4 x 2 356mm guns
The rest of the space is made up of a flight deck.

The Ise will have the ability to launch torpedo bombers.

Upcoming Ships / Tier VIII IJN Cruiser Tone
« on: January 26, 2021, 04:05:32 pm »
The Tier VIII Tone looks like a Mogami variant on steroids.

It has 4 x 2 203mm guns, but all located in the front of the ship.
4 x 4 torpedo tube launchers
and the ability to launch Torpedo Bombers

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